The only 1:1 call you need to strategize, ideate and execute a tailored Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest strategy. One that
truly aligns with your dream clients, your offerings, and your soul’s deepest desires.

Enter the call with a cluttered minD
and leave with everything in the right place.

on a digital marketing strategy that’s just not cutting it.

You’re ready for my signature 90-minute strategy intensive to
revolutionize the way you do social media and Pinterest. 

on a digital marketing strategy that’s just not cutting it.

You’re ready for my signature 90-minute strategy intensive to
revolutionize the way you do social media and Pinterest. 



There are TWO sides to this story. 

And it goes like this...


You’re an established female service provider or coach who knows a thing or two about standing and selling out. But that social strategy you’ve been peddling to capture leads, and that Pinterest approach that got you
thousands of clicks? Isn’t generating results like it used to.

You’re ready to up level your strategy and deliver more value so you can keep those cogs turning. 


You’re an emerging online businesswoman wanting to set out on the right foot with a strategy that says, “damn… she
means business!”. You know leveraging the power of social or Pinterest for your biz comes down to one thing: a strategy.

You want in on that strategy. And fast. Because you’ll settle for nothing less than a custom plan that speaks to your ideal client and gets them converting.

You’re onto a good thing. 

Just THREE problems are standing in your way:

Your current social or Pinterest strategy isn’t generating results like it used to OR you’re new to the game and don’t know how to even begin
getting said results. Either way, I get it girl.

You know the power of organic marketing, but when it comes to harnessing it for your business?
That’s where you come undone. That was so me, too.

The thought of developing content from scratch with no rhyme or reason has you overwhelmed,
confused, and craving a five-hour nap. Yep, I’ve been there.




A female entrepreneur like you doesn’t DREAM.

She strategizes.
She builds.
She flourishes.

She solves her own problems, too. 

So she works with an expert who helps...

Develop a social or Pinterest strategy that generates
engagement, clicks, and sales like never before. I’ll help you find it. 

Uncover a tailored approach to social and Pinterest that aligns with your audience, your goals, and your soul. I’ll help you define it. 

Create a content plan that keeps you 100% on purpose with confidence everything you do and post is aligned to your big picture. I’ll help you secure it. 




What if I told you I’ve packaged up those solutions into
90 value-packed

We’ll achieve complete social
and Pinterest clarity with: 

An initial questionnaire to ensure our call is completely intentional and completely intentional and goal-aligned.

A 90-minute 1:1 virtual call that gets deep into strategizing ANd executing a strategy that brings your audience, offerings, and goals

A VALUE- PACKED take-home document outlining your next, actionable steps to bring that strategy to life. 

A place for everything, and everything in its place. 

The social media and Pinterest strategy call bringing all the pieces together. 

Let’s take you…

From silence in the notifications TO loud AF organic engagement, leads, and conversions.
From complete planning overwhelm TO utterly grounded in strategic clarity.
From “what the f*ck do I post next?” TO rolling in content ideas for months.

Our 90 intentional minutes include:

An initial questionnaire for a completely tailored experience

A 90-minute 1:1 virtual strategy, ideation, and execution call
for your social media or Pinterest account

AN INTENTIONAL take-home document outlining your next steps

Remember why you started. Then invest in your bigger picture.
90 minutes to get you connecting and converting
like never before. 


Truth be told, I have always had a passion for dreaming big. So I turned my love of organic marketing and business strategy into an ultra successful online brand. Now I have the absolute pleasure of teaching creatives how to transform their lives and build ground-breaking online empires of their own, on their own terms!

I’m Madrona

I struggled to get myself to the level I’m at now and I told myself that I didn’t ever want other creatives to have to go through that same process, feeling alone and overwhelmed. 

Let’s do it, yeah?


Like to have the 4-1-1?
I’m answering all your big questions right here! 


Invest and you shall receive:
A custom questionnaire to outline key details of your business, including
audience, offering, and goals. This ensures I’m informed to provide you a
completely tailored strategy call.
1 x 90-minute, 1:1 Zoom call with me to strategize, ideate and execute a
social media and/or Pinterest strategy aligning with your audience and your vision.
A take-home document outlining your new strategy + steps you can take right
away to bring it to life.


This exclusive experience is ideal for:
Established business owners who feel their current social or Pinterest strategy isn’t generating the results they know they want to see Emerging business owners ready to make an impact in their niche and kickstart lead generation with expert strategy from the outset.


This call is entirely guided by you and your goals. However, some key topics we could cover include (but are not limited to):

Account set up and/or optimization
Content pillars
Copywriting and graphic design
Engagement tactics

Got a question that wasn’t answered here? 

send it!